Open all year long

Open all year long

Would you like to take a break and relax, not thinking about the rush of the everyday life?
Why not passing an afternoon comfortably sit on armchair, reading a book with the sound of waves cradle your rest? A magical moment. Such a pity that now it is winter and there is no such place.
This is not completely true: in fact, there are elegant and relaxing locations in some of the most gorgeous settings, as Camogli and its amazing bay.



You probably already guess that the place that can give all this, even in winter is our Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi. If you have still not took it in consideration for your winter vacation, it is the right time to try it out.

The Hotel is open all year long and our staff is always ready to welcome you with kindness and politeness to let you feel at home. We never close because Camogli is an unique location that worth a visit in any period of the year, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate typical of Liguria. The charm of the sea and of the village right on it, with its typical narrow street (carruggi), the sun setting on the beach, do not know seasons. Once at the Hotel forget all the strain and let yourself go and relax in a magical atmosphere.



At Cenobio you can find different space where to pass your spare time, not only your room.
At your disposal there is the breakfast room and the bar, where you can have a coffee at any time or an aperitif, taking all the time that you need to chill and relax.
For lunch time is open our Restaurant Il Doge. The amazing veranda sea view front is charmingly lit with natural light. The view is on Camogli beach and on the basilica di Santa Maria Assunta who dominate the horizon. Sitting on your table and tasting some typical Ligurian dishes like cappon magro (a sea food dish) or i ravioli al tocco (ravioli with tomato sauce), you will find in front of you this marvellous show offered by Nature.

The atmosphere is even more charming in the evening, when the colours start to change and the sky is painted with wonderful rainbow shades. It is hard to explain its beauty by word, just the experience of it can give it justice.




It could seem a little strange to be able to have a nice aperitif on the outside terrace in the cold month from December to February. In Liguria it is actually possible as the mild temperature and a clear sky can donate some amazing sunny days.

If you are in need of some extreme relaxation to recharge your energy you can also exploit our Beauty Centre. A relaxing massage or a personalize massage, some facial treatment, manicure, pedicure you can rely on our beautician Gabriella. Just a lay down and stop thinking about the frenetic routine. Once the day is over after a nice promenade in town, your room will be waiting for you. An oasis for your relaxation, obviously with sea view.

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