Bogliasco and Sori, two jewels of liguria still to be discovered

Bogliasco and Sori, two jewels of liguria still to be discovered

Close to Camogli, you will find two small villages as beautiful as still uncovered.
We are speaking about Bogliasco and Sori, seaside hamlets of Paradiso’s Gulf.
Although they are not the most famous among the touristic Ligurian destination, these villages can reveal true and unexpected surprises, that make worth the visit: the tranquil atmosphere, so discrete that it seems to be back in the past, and also for the amazing landscapes that you can contemplate.
For those who are interested in knowing more about these beautiful Ligurian pearls, here follows some information on what to see and do in Sori and Bogliasco!


What to see in Bogliasco


A landscape to contemplate


Bogliasco's view


One of the most unique features of Bogliasco is its location, inside its gorgeous natural setting. The town rises from a small bay, shielded by the Mount Cordona (800 meters high). The sea hugs it from the other side, where sand beaches coexist with steep cliffs. Together with the pastel coloured houses that face directly the sea, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of its unique setting. First thing to do is to simply let yourself be enchanted by this gorgeous seaside village and find the best spot to take a picture.


The Historical Center And The Historical Buildings


If you are in love with art and historical site, you cannot miss a visit to the Historical Centre, where you will be able to admire sites of great historical and artistic value. As for example the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora delle Grazie, the Church of the Nativity of Maria Santissima, and the Church of the Confraternity of Santa Chiara. They have been built in between the XIII and XIV century and there you can still find frescos, paintings and wooden statues of great value. While you have a tour of the Historical Centre look around to not miss any of the amazing hidden glimpse on the Paradiso Gulf.


Beaches And Sports


Once you finish the tour of the centre, you can go at the beach site. You can pamper yourself with a romantic walk on the seaside promenade and rest in one on the many sea view bars that overlook the sea. In summertime do not miss the opportunity to swim in the crystalline blue water of its sea. In Bogliasco you can find private beach and public beach, both sandy or with pebbles and also some of rocks. If you are sporty you can also have fun surfing! In fact, the beach just in front of the harbour is one of the most famous spots to practice surf in the region.


What to see in Sori


The beach and the cliffs


Sori's View


Sori will strike you as well for the amazing landscape, surrounded by the sea of Paradiso’s Gulf. The hamlet overlooks the Gulf and it extends also to the inner land, following the course of the namesake river.
In front of the main row of houses there is a small, hidden beach, but the coastline around the village is mainly made of cliffs and arduous and steep rocks, that can also reach 3 meters of high. Between Sori and Bogliasco you can find the beautiful cliffs of Pontetto. It absolutely worth a visit its charming landscape and for the possibility to plunge from an absolutely gorgeous location.


Old Town


Visit the Old town of Soru


As many others Ligurian hamlets, Sori presents an Historical Medieval Centre. It features a grid pattern of narrow streets, i carruggi, from which colourful houses raise. Of particular interest is Via Sant’Erasmo, considered to be “the most ancient and well preserved street of the town”. It is worth a mention the ancient Napoleonic Bridge, arch shaped and made of stones, that once was part of Via Aurelia. Among the religious building we would like to point out the Church of Santa Margherita, with its characteristic pink façade. Inside you can admire the frescos and the paintings of the XVII century.


Fulle’s Mill


Not to miss in Sori is Fulle’s Mill. It is the last functioning watermill of the area. The mill has been preserved thanks to the dedication and passion for tradition of Mr. Mario Olcese, his owner. He programs guided tours of his mill. This mill is situated in the inner lands of Sori, to be precise on the left of the staircase that from Fulle goes to Sussisa.


The Path Bogliasco – Sori


Did we persuade you in visit these two jewels of Ligurian Riviera? If you are still not convinced, we would like to let you know that there is an alternative way to reach this villages. Bogliasco and Sori are linked by the Bluegreen path. The itinerary is not particularly difficult and it is of almost 2 hours walk. During the hike you can enjoy the amazing views on the Gulf and the Ligurian coastline, surrounded by the colours and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub. It is a unique experience, do not miss it!
Please notice that actually the path Bogliasco – Sori is the fourth part of the Bluegreen path, that from Genoa arrives to Portovenere.


How To Reach Bogliasco And Sori


The two hamlets are easily reachable both by car and train.
From Camogli you can arrive there in less than 20 minutes’ drive. To skip the stress of finding a parking space, we suggest to catch a train: they are very frequent and the ticket costs about 2 €. A possibility can be to take the train till Bogliasco and then to reach Sori walking. Afterwards from Sori you can take the train back to Camogli.

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