Photography contest “I LOVE CAMOGLI”, here the winners!

Photography contest “I LOVE CAMOGLI”, here the winners!

In a previous article published here on our blog we wrote about the many activities organized in Camogli for Saint Valentine’s Day.
Love poetries, romantic dinners and unique artistic handmade collectable dishes are just some of the themed propositions that our village offers to all the lovers.
Among those initiatives there was also one which was particularly dear to us. We are speaking of the Photography Contest “I Love Camogli”, this year at its second edition. Coordinator of this contest, who followed it in all its phases was Adriano Penco, well known journalist and underwater photographer.

Theme of the contest was: the old town.
To the photographers, amateurs and pros, it was requested to look with a personal and original touch our village. To show some of the most charming and hidden glimpse of our maritime village.
Not simply the sea, the church and the seaside promenade, which are well known for their charm. Their task was to be able to catch the charm of a hidden partial view of the town, or gracefully catch a discreet corner of the village, or the ephemeral beauty of a reflection of the houses in a puddle.

It was not an easy task. Although the challenge, many decided to accept it by sending their shots: during these two editions we received 627 photos, sent by 230 photographers coming from all over Italy (Lombardia, Piemonte, Toscana, Trentino Alto Adige, Liguria) and also from Switzerland.
Among all the photos, three strokes for their creativity, originality and for the relevance. Three photos of great impact and beauty, that deserved the podium and the prizes offered by Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi.

Here are the Winners:

1° Rank: Alessandra Tommei with the picture called “Winter” (Inverno)
wins a stay at Cenobio dei Dogi for one night (bed and breakfast treatment)


Primo classificato: Alessandra Tommei con l’opera dal titolo “Inverno”


2° Rank: Giorgio Galimberti with “Still life whales” (Still life balene)
wins a dinner for two at the Restaurant “Il Doge”


2° CLASSIFICATO: Giorgio Galimberti con l’opera dal titolo “Still life balene”


3° Rank: Ubaldo Franco Mantegazza with the photo “I live Love” (Vivo Amore)
wins an aperitif at the Bar of Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi.


3° CLASSIFICATO: Ubaldo Franco Mantegazza con l’opera dal titolo “Vivo amore”


To judge their work, it was a technical commission formed by expert in the field of the communication, marketing, art and photography.
The president of the Jury was Dania Marchesi, psychologist expert in communication process, in particular the use of the “photographic word”. Together with her there were Federica Lamera, art historian, Guido Risicato architect and professional photographer, and Jacopo Raule, photographer.

The guideline used to judge the photos were: creativity, originality, iconographic quality and relevance of the theme.

The awards ceremony will be on February 10th at 4 pm, in the gazebo Ascot on the seaside promenade Lungomare Garibaldi, during the event Saint Valentine in Camogli 2019.
See here the complete chart

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