Diving in Camogli and Portofino

Diving in Camogli and Portofino

In many of the articles of our blog we spoke about the many attractions and places of interested in Camogli and its surroundings. Seaside hamlets, Abbeys that are settled in amazing landscapes and paths from which you can enjoy breath-taking panoramas. However, there is something that we still have failed to mention. A hidden and wonderful world that opens just for those who are not afraid of the depths. Why is that you may ask. Because we are talking about the submerged world that hides under our crystalline sea! Diving is the only way to uncover it and which better place of Camogli and Portofino?


Diving in Camogli and Portofino: the most beautiful destinations


Between Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure, it extends the Marine Protected Area of Portofino, a stripe of sea that it is characterized by the beauty of its abyss, for the great biodiversity and for the submerged cliffs that can reach remarkable depths. This makes favorable the development of a microhabitat that is actually quite rare for the Mediterranean. It is a unique undersea environment, enriched also by trace of antiques, as archeological artifact and bronze statues. All these aspects have made the marine area of Camogli and Portofino a world-famous diving site. The area actually presents the possibility of different kind of diving, for the beginners and for the experts.
The are numerous sites in this area and we are now going to talk about a bit more about those that we think are the most famous, spectacular and charming.

1. The ancient Camogli’s tonnarella

We must begin from Camogli and its famous Tonnarella (an ancient fishing net handmade by braiding coconut fibres, while its central body is made of synthetic fibres). Diving next to this site will be an amazing experience as you can see many different species as: sunfish, amberjack fish, and in some lucky day, swordfish and devilfish! Aside from the fish fauna, here you can also see the holes that fish use as dens and a particular kind of algae, Lisca, that for its resistant fibre is used to braid the fishermen nets.

2. Christ Of The Abyss

Il Cristo degli Abissi, immersione a Camogli


If you are interested in this activity you probably already know about this site, considered a destination that must be visited if you like to dive. Many diving lovers want to see the famous statue of Jesus Christ with open arms, situated on the bottom of the sea in front the Abbey of San Fruttuoso at 18 meters of dept. How comes there is a statue deep inside the ocean in San Fruttuoso? It was placed for will of Duilio Marcante, diving trainer in 1954 in memory of his friend Dario Gonzatti, died during an immersion, and to all that dedicated their lives to the sea or lost their live in the sea.

3. Colombara’s Cave

Grotta della Colombara, Diving a Portofino e Camogli


Partially visible also above the sea level, Colombara’s Cave hides all its charm and wonders in its submerged part. The cave is situated in the east bay from San Fruttuoso, where is possible to dive up to 39 meters in depth. The caves that you can visit are actually three: the deepest at 33 meters of depth gives a magnificent and breath-taking show: dozens and dozens of red corals!

4. Punta Indiano

This dive is perfect for beginners. Even them can enjoy this 20-meter dive without encountering any particular challenge or danger. It is situated in the west coast from San Fruttuoso. Here the sea bottom is covered by a green algae called Codium Bursa, best known as green sponge ball. Another interesting aspect is the great variety of fish that can be found in this particular area. Some of them as the moray, hides in the natural holes in the rocks. That is why it is important to explore and check every corner and ravine.

5. Hermit Cave

This diving site is situated after Punta Chiappa and before San Frutttuoso. Once dove, it is necessary to start a vertical descend of more than 30 meters of depth. Here you will be noticed ravine in the rocks that guests red corals. Keeping going down, the cracks in the rocks become much frequent and less accessible: the ideal habitat for lobsters.


Diving in Camogli e Portofino: useful information


We absolutely suggest to try this experience. However, as it is a challenging sport that requires a special training and experience, we suggest to rely on a competent school. A reference point for all the divers in Camogli is for sure B&B Diving.

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