Summer is here! And it brought a very rich program of free appointments and events for guests and citizens of all ages, an outcome of the virtuous collaboration between the Municipality of Camogli and the associations of the area.


The seaside village of Camogli is a world-renowned litoral destination, in addition to that, it is famous for its cultural, environmental, historical and literary vocation, fully expressed in the 2022 summer calendar. The program hereby attached includes music and concerts, theater performances, cinema and literary reviews, as well as sports competitions, events for nature lovers and activities for children.



You will as well find original events such as “The Big Violinist,” a scenic and evocative live concert with a vast and heterogeneous repertoire ranging from pop to classical music; “Giua’s Concert,” a live performance with hints of jazz, celebrating songwriting and the “Genoese School”; and “Greeting the Sun,” a musical performance held at dawn featuring the “didgeridoo”, an Australian Aborigines’ traditional instrument.

For fans of literature and journalism, the “Words and Voices from the Sea” takes place on the picturesque Miramare Terrace, and is dedicated to adults and children.

The event engages outstanding guests including journalists, economics writers and neuroscientists in presentations and debates. The performance art festival “A Sea Above,” is very interesting as well. It is a music and poetry event that goes on until September, just before the famous Festival of Communication begins, a well-established event dedicated to culture, technology and education.



Those interested in immersing themselves in Camogli’s cultural history will not be left unsatisfied: part of the program is designed to promote the love for the territory, food and wine, customs and traditions of the seaside village. The agenda includes traditional events such as the Stella Maris, a procession of boats with ancient origins that sees thousands of floating candles at sea in honor of Virgin Mary, and the typical “barcheggi,” an ancient custom according to which aboard the boat “Sagittario” one travels along the coast around the Dragun, listening to barge music. “Suoni in Cammino” is an event organized by the cultural association “Il Bosco in Ascolto” and includes several excursions to Mount Portofino or food and wine festivals as well as the social celebrations (organized by local associations and communities), such as “Sagra della Capponadda” (traditional local dish), and the Patronal Feast of San Prospero.



For children, the offer is just as wide and diversified: from “101 Trips to Liguria,” dedicated to the 6-10 year olds, cultural and entertainment itineraries that include sea and fun; Camogli Campus, a summer camp for children and teens that includes different activities such as sea, canoeing or swimming; Sailing Courses; Ecological Days dedicated to cleaning of paths so as to raise awareness among the youngest in favor of protecting the sea, and reviews such as “Camogli a fairy tale summer” in July and August by the cultural association “I cantastorie.”


If you decide to visit us in Camogli you will be spoiled for choice. A busy and lively summer awaits!

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