The Charming cycle and pedestrian path in the East-Liguria

The Charming cycle and pedestrian path in the East-Liguria

The light spilled in the gallery that goes along the path. You can always peek at the panorama around you, a vast crystalline deep blue sea that tends to a lighter shade of blue next to the coast. The cliffs overhang the sea, sometimes they are interrupted with some small gorgeous secluded beaches, that are perfect for relaxing by the water. The pine grove, the eucalyptus, and the blooming plants frame this beautiful scenery. At the exit of the gallery the landscape reveals all its beauty, and it is manly for this reason that there are many benches to sit down and enjoy the view.

This is what offers the trails of the old railway that linked the towns of Levanto, Bonassola and Framura, now reborn as the cycle and pedestrian path Mare Monti of East-Liguria. Five and a half kilometers of trail that will let you discover a side of Liguria that you could not imagine.

The cycle and pedestrian path Mare Monti is a wonderful example of restoration of an old trail that was dismissed in 1970 and just recently reopened under the function of cycling lane, thanks to a project paid by the Region Liguria. The institution has also the goal to link the villages of Deiva Marina and Monterosso. The path is made of two lanes for bicycles and on for pedestrians and it does not have any difficult or challenging parts, for this reason it is suitable for children.


Cycle Path in East Liguria


In each of the main stops there are rental bikes and there are no difficulties in reaching Levanto or Framura, as the bikes ‘carriage is free on trains and there are also many parking lots.

As we said, the path is built inside the old railway tunnel, so if you go there in the summertime you will find a delightful shelter from the sun and the heat. While you pass inside the galleries pay attention to the interior of the vaults, perfectly renovated. The original materials, bricks and iron, has been preserved and this choice give to the arches an old fashion vibe, in particular you will see it in the part between Bonassola and Framura, which is considered the most appealing.

Another thing that helps to make this trail special is the fact that along the path you can reach many small beach sites that normally are accessible only from the sea, here you will find stairs naturally sculpt in the cliff or made by man in order to reach them. These gorgeous tiny gulfs with their turquois or blue waters, will offer to you an unforgettable experience, it will almost feel like being at Caribe.

If you are tired of riding or walking but you do not wish to proceed up to the beaches, you can stop in one of the many service stations that you will find along the lane and have a slice of focaccia or a nice ice-cream.


pedestrian path in the East-Liguria


Even if you are not professional photographer do not lose the change of making some beautiful pictures, if you decide to stop and catch your breath.
Do not miss the occasion to visit the three hamlet of Levanto, Bonassola and Framura.

In the first one you will find yourself walking around the narrow streets of a typical seaside town. It is in fact bigger than a mere hamlet. Levanto will charm you particularly for its beach of thin and light colour sand and for its shallow coast. Some interesting monuments to visit are the gardens of Piazza Staglieno, the Middle Ages’ Walls and Sant’Andrea’s Church.

As for Levanto, Bonassola has a very wide beach, but there is a difference because it is composed mainly of stones and pebbles. This characteristic does not influence the water, which remains clear and crystalline. Walking around Bonassola’s caruggi you will come across ancient palaces as Palazzo Farina, from the XVIII century in Genoese style, Santa Caterina d’Alessandria’s Church and Sant’Erasmo’s Oratory.

Framura is different from all the other towns because it is actually the union of 5 small settlements, some of them built on the hills, the others in the valley below. They are: Anzo, Ravecca, Setta, Castagnola and Costa. The collective name recalls the ancient past of the territory characterized by fortifications and defensive walls (Mura). Starting from the coast you will find Anzo, where dominates a watchtower of the XV century. The second closer settlement is Ravecca, it is recognizable from the middle ages features of its buildings.
When you won’t come here by bicycle remember to stop by in Framura and complete your visit.


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