Boat trips are certainly an original and exciting way to discover the most hidden and unspoilt corners of the Ligurian coast.
Thanks to the boat you can abandon the most known and crowded routes and beaches of Liguria and move instead to isolated and unexplored waters and coves.

Or you can reach the most famous places, such as the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, and admire them from a unique and privileged point of view.
In short, if you want to live unique emotions in Liguria and contemplate exclusive views, then a boat trip is for you.


gita in barca in Liguria


The territory of Camogli, its sea and its coasts, lends itself particularly well to this type of excursion at sea.
The reason? Along its coast, thanks also to the presence of the Marine Protected Area of Portofino, there are really many destinations to direct the boat: isolated coves with clear waters, for example. Or historical places with great cultural and naturalistic value, otherwise reachable only on foot or with the most crowded ferries.

Beware though: since it is a Marine Protected Area, in some areas the navigation is prohibited.
By clicking here, you can see a map indicating the different protected areas. For more information, we recommend you visit the Marine Protected Area website:






Porto Pidocchio, Camogli


The first boat excursion we recommend is the one in Porto Pidocchio.
Porto Pidocchio is a tiny but atmospheric harbour located in the extreme East coast of Golfo Paradiso. At the foot of that part of the promontory of Portofino that looks towards Camogli.
Arriving by boat, the first thing that strikes the eyes is the majestic headland that rises above the sea and the harbour.

The eye is then captured by the picturesque spectacle that gives Port Pidocchio immediately you notice the fishermen’s boats docked there and the magnificent green-blue sea. Then you can distinguish several suggestive details, like the characteristic fishing nets left to dry in the sun, which in their way decorate the whole port and the houses around.
It is also possible to get off the boat and take a walk in the romantic harbour and through the nearby tenement house.
We strongly recommend to try it for yourself!
Also because the road that you need to walk in order to visit this small corner of Liguria is one of the most beautiful walkway overlooking the sea of the gulf.




Panorama dalla barca a Punta Chiappa


After visiting Porto Pidocchio, you will definitely feel the urge to dive and swim. Then continue your excursion heading to the nearby Punta Chiappa, the perfect place to treat yourself to a nice refreshing swim.
Here the sea is really clear and, above all, full of fish!
Punta Chiappa is a strip of rock that stretches from the promontory of Portofino and plunges into the sea.
The waters near this rock stripe are among the most beautiful in Liguria for diving or swimming.
Already from the boat bridge you can see how clean and transparent and how many small fishes swim there, not intimidated by people or boats.
Here you can swim surrounded by sea breams, white sea breams and other fishes of many colours and sizes.
Once you finished the swim, take a moment to admire the view that you can enjoy: in front of you, looking towards the west, you will see Golfo Paradiso with our beautiful Camogli in the foreground.




Aperitivo in barca a San Fruttuoso


The historical Abbey of San Fruttuoso, reflected in the sea and surrounded by the green Mediterranean scrub, is one of the most amazing destinations for a boat excursion. One of the best not only in this part of the region, but of all Liguria. It is not something left to chance that this wonderful church, that outlived many difficult historical moments, is still not reachable by any car even today.
Arriving by boat from Camogli, the abbey suddenly appears, after passing the rocky tip that protects the cove to the west.

At the first glance, you can admire all the suggestive beauty of the small bay in which stands the Abbey of San Fruttuoso: in front of you, the enchanted loggiato overlooking the beach; behind, the majestic dome of the church; on the left, the lookout tower. Everywhere around, the green of lush nature and the blue of the sea surrounds the abbey.
Now imagine yourself on your boat, admiring at the sunset and the peace and serenity of this place. Can you think of another more beautiful and relaxing way to conclude a day or a boat trip?
To find out more about this beautiful destination: San Fruttuoso di Camogli.






Another perfect destination for a boat trip from Camogli is the nearby and famous town of Portofino.
This typical Ligurian seaside village will impress you with its pastel-coloured houses, the greenery that surrounds the whole town and the poetic glimpses it offers.
Another aspect that will strike you coming by boat to Portofino, will be the presence of yachts and luxury boats. As you probably know, Portofino is in fact an international destination much loved even by the stars of the jet set.
Who knows, maybe from your boat you could also spot some celebrities!
Portofino is about 30 minutes by boat from Camogli. But if you choose to stop and also admire the other destinations recommended here (they are all on the way to Portofino), the crossing could last a little longer.
To find out more about Portofino: Portofino jet set e shopping.




If you do not have your own boat, a very valid yacht charter service is available in Camogli.
Boats can be rented by the hour, or if you are planning a fairly long excursion, even for the whole day.
If you want to spoil yourself and give yourself a truly unforgettable boat trip, you can also book a restaurant service on board, to enjoy an aperitif or an excellent lunch in the middle of the sea.

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