Ferry boat trip and other maritime links

Ferry boat trip and other maritime links

Camogli is a maritime hamlet of great charm and that is what has made it famous through the years. There is sea water flowing in the veins of its inhabitants and for this reason the sea plays an important role in the lives of its people. We can see it in the celebration of the Stella Maris: a religious feast, where the main part of the celebration consist of a procession of boats, which during the day sail to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Punta Chiappa , while in the evening they leave tea-lights on the surface of the sea.




Camogli’s connection with the blue sea it’s what makes it the perfect destination for a sea trip. Why not to exploit the many possibilities of ferry’s trip offered by the Ligurian sail companies? The ferry is not only a comfortable and practical means of transportation, but allows a unique travel experience: appreciate the coast landscape from its ideal point of view, which is from the sea. There are not many occasions in which it is possible to enjoy the view of beachside, cliffs and hamlets from this prospective, so it’s good to benefit from these services.
Navigation is guaranteed from April to September.
If you decide to embark on the fleet of the company Golfo Paradiso you can choose between blue, green, red and light blue line.
The blue line correspond to the itinerary Camogli, Punta Chiappa e San Fruttuoso. The colour is not choose by accident, as the journey is a like diving in the waters of the most gorgeous surrounding of Camogli. Among them shine the bays of Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso, with the deep blue of their waters. San Fruttuoso offers something more: the experience of visiting an abbey built on the cliff.


San Fruttuoso



The green line leads to that chest on the sea, protected by a flourishing sea vegetation that is Portofino, passing through the unavoidable San Fruttuoso. You will be surprise, behind the promontory, there is this small cove, that goes so much deeper than the coast. A place of relaxation but also full of surprises concerning the shopping possibilities.
Red is an effective colour, and this is maybe why it was chosen to name this itinerary that leads to the other side of East Liguria: the destination is Vernazza, one of Cinque Terre, which is also define from many people as the Portofino of La Spezia territory. Before docking you will pass in front of the also well-known Monterosso al mare. You won’t miss the possibility to see all the five villages from the sea, famous all over the world due to the fact that they are built on the cliffs.
The last trip proposal recalls the colour of the sea, the light blue, the colour that that surrounds the village of Portovenere, in the area of La Spezia, the further destination that you can reach with this company. Coming to Portovenere from the sea means to enjoy the variety of colours of the houses that rise on the harbour, characteristic of the ports of Liguria since ancient times. It means above all to let yourself be enchanted by the magnificent San Pietro’s church, with its typical ligurian style. It emerges from the promontory, on cliffs that sink into the sea; and for this reason it’s one of the most popular destination among the couples that are about to get married to celebrate the best day of their life. The show is complete with the visit of Palmaria island, on the opposite side of the church. The ferry will take you there as well; the trip ends with a tour of another two small islands Tino and Tinetto.




These excursions take place in the East Liguria, but it is also possible to embark in Camogli direction Genoa: you could stop in Recco, the town that become famous for its delicious focaccia al formaggio.
There is one more option you can choose, maybe the most charming of all: the night crossing through Recco, Camogli, San Fruttuoso and Portofino.
For those who like break the mold and live a special experience is possible to have an holiday onboard a sailboat, by stopping at the anchor in front of Camogli; a perfect way to combine the life at the sea with relaxation.

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