It is known and loved all around the world.
In Argentina it is prepared with some variants, cheese and onions covered, la fugazzetta. Its origin is Italian and to be exact it is from Liguria!
We are speaking of course of the Genoese focaccia, one of the most delicious and famous products of Liguria.

Crunchy on the outside and soft inside, glazed with olive oil, golden like the sand of the region, Ligurian Focaccia is a gastronomic product that can be tasted in many occasions.
Alone as a generous snack, or you can cut is and serve it filled with your favourite hams, salami and cheese. Alternatively, you can follow the example of the Ligurian people and dip it in the cappuccino in the morning (it is not a case that we bake it fresh every morning and it is always present on our buffet breakfast!).
There are a lot of ways in which you can taste it: it will never disappoint you!


Buffet of genoese Focaccia, Hotel cenobio dei Dogi


Less common is its use in the kitchen, not only as singular dish, but as ingredient to create original recipes.
As our Chef here at Cenobio dei Dogi, likes to tries new unconventional ways to experiment with ingredients, he accepted the challenge to transform this dish to something new. The result was the dish that we are about to present you: octopus tentacles on focaccia cream!
A refined and tasty recipe that gives a great example to how to use the focaccia as ingredient.





– 1,5 – 2 kg of Octopus
– 2-3 hg of Genoese Focaccia
– 1 shallot
– Pine nuts
– Parsley
– Capers
– 3-4 anchovies’ filet
– Vegetables to make a vegetable broth


After cleaning the octopus, boil it at 90° in the steam oven for about 90 minutes. In a pan make the vegetable broth. While the octopus is cooking you can start the preparation of the Genoese Focaccia, flavoured with extra virgin olive oil.
Clean and cut the shallot and put it in a pan together with 3 anchovies’ filet, a handful of capers and pine nuts and a few leaves of fresh parsley, to make a sautéed.


Dadolata di Focaccia ligure


Then cut the Genoese focaccia into small pieces (it is not important that they are even, as we will eventually blend everything!). Once that the anchovies are melted, pour the diced of focaccia Genovese and mix it well, so that it absorbs the flavours of the sautéed.
Then add some ladle of the previously prepared vegetable broth.
Once the focaccia has absorbed all the broth, it’s time to blend everything with a dip mixer.
While blending, emulsify the cream with good extra-virgin olive oil, in order to obtain a softer, velvety and flavourful mixture.


Cream of Focaccia


After 90 minutes, remove the octopus from the oven, cut the tentacles and slightly burn them together with a little oil in a hot pan.
At this point, it remains only the plating!
On a flat plate, we have first a bed of cream of focaccia Genovese and, above, our blanched tentacle.


Tentacoli di Polpo su crema di Focaccia Genovese


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