The top 5 beach site of East Riviera

The top 5 beach site of East Riviera

June is at the door as well as summertime! Sunny days are finally here as well as the heat.
It is time to go for a swim!

Liguria is the region that won the largest number of Blue Flags (an award gave for the most beautiful and uncontaminated beaches): it holds more than 30 flags. 11 more than Tuscany, second rank. Here you can definitely enjoy some peaceful days at the seaside in a pure and unpolluted landscape.

Are you staying at the East Riviera? You wish to come for a swim and discover the best beaches in the area?
Here for you the ranking of the top 5 gorgeous beaches in the East Riviera.
So, let’s go wear a bathing suit, bring a towel and discover them.





The gorgeous landscape of the elegant architecture and the high palaces that mix together with plants and flowers.
The green of the Mediterranean scrub that meets up with the emerald green of the sea water.
All these features give to the beach of Paraggi a magical and poetical atmosphere.
A unique vibe that was rewarded from Fai with the title of “Luoghi del Cuore” (rank of the most beautiful place in Italy as per Fai_ association that has as goal the safeguard and development of Italian Cultural and Naturalistic heritage).

Paraggi’s beach is situated inside a charming green bay on Portofino’s Promontory.
Precisely it is located in between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.
The caletta (small bay) originally guests a small settlement of fishermen.
Today its sandy beach racts tourists from all over the world, who desire to swim in this unique and charming bay.

Once you rent sunbeds and umbrellas from its exclusive beach property, or you find a spot for your towel on the public beach, you can finally dive in its blue crystalline waters. While swimming look out for fishes, starfish and beautiful corals.





Camogli’s beach side has been confirmed for the third year in a row Bandiera Blu (the blue flag is an award given to the most beautiful, unpolluted and with the best services sea side towns).
For Camogli this do not come as a surprise as the beach is roomy and comfortable, surrounded by a gorgeous landscape and a crystalline sea.
In the back you will see the pastel coloured houses of the hamlet of Camogli.
On the front the crystalline sea of the Marine Protected Area of Portofino.
Where can you find a better place? This place is also considered one of the most romantic spots in the East Riviera.

So here you can find an amazing naturalistic value that stands out for the pureness of its waters, for the tidiness of the beachside and for the excellent hospitality.
All these aspects are requirements necessary to win the blue flag.

The beach is of ciottoli (small stones) and it is divided into a public beach and private beach property with sunbed and umbrellas to be rent.





The bay of San Fruttuoso offers as well a unique and charming beach site that mixed the natural landscape of the park of Portofino with the amazing architecture of the Abbey.
The result is a charming landscape so unique that seems to be painted on canvas.

A glance at this bay hidden in the heart of Portofino’s Promontory will definitely be enough to enchant you.
The medieval Abbey dominates the landscape, which elegantly stands out on the beach and is reflected in the sea.
After the eye is adjusted, it will dwell on the many small details that make this beach unique: the watchtower that stands out on a side rocky spur, the beautiful loggiato, today used by bathers to shelter from the sun, the clear sea, the lush nature.

The beach of San Fruttuoso is not reachable by car. You can only get there on foot or by boat. Nevertheless, here you will find everything you may need to spend a pleasant day at sea: there are in fact bars and restaurants, and the beach is divided into a public and a private part.

To learn more about the beach of San Fruttuoso and its Abbey, read our article San Fruttuoso di Camogli!





Listed in 2016 as a TripAdvisor of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Italy, Baia del Silenzio is located in the characteristic Ligurian village of Sestri Levante.
The Old Town is located on stripe of land that stretches into the sea. On its sides, framed by the pastel-coloured houses of the village, open two bays: Baia delle Favole (Fairy tales’ Bay) and Baia del Silenzio.
For this reason, Sestri Levante has been nicknamed “the city of the two seas“.

Baia delle Favole is very beautiful, but bigger and more chaotic bay situated on the west side of town.
On the other side, Baia del Silenzio, as the name also suggests, is smaller, more intimate and quieter.
A true jewel, loved over the years also by many artists and writers, who found inspiration here.
Among the many, there are the musician Richard Wagner and the writer Hans Christian Andersen.





Inside Cinque Terre National Park you will find the last of the beaches we selected for you.
We’re talking about Monterosso beach.
Of all those listed, Monterosso beach is probably the largest and spacious.
In fact, the strip of sand stretches, seemingly endlessly for the entire length of this beautiful seaside village.
The first part is a free beach known as the “Giant’s beach“. This is due to the statue carved into the rock that you can find here, that represents Neptune, the god of the sea.
From here the beach continues along the entire coast. Here you will find both private resort as well as public beach.

As in all other Cinque Terre, the water here is so transparent and crystal clear that it is impossible not to want to dive.
The bravest can then reach the famous Rock of Monterosso, which rises in the middle of the beach and try to climb it. If the climb is not for you, you can just simply take a picture of this symbol of Monterosso and of its beach.

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