Genoa’s Souls

Genoa’s Souls

Genoa is the city of the many souls, each and every one of them is part of her identity.

Once it was a fierce Sea Republic and her heart beat between the high houses and the steep and  narrow stairs, Genoa is a promontory’s stone and slate roofs city.

Genoa is full of churches, in every corner of the old town you will find a Holy Mary statue, which are symbols of ancient and sincere devotion.

Many are the suggestions of The Superb and they have different shades depending on the place you are.

Via Garibaldi is a Renaissance street, charming and magnificent, it is also called Strada Nuova and  it extends in front of your eyes with its row of gorgeous noble palaces. It bewitched many famous visitors from Madame de Staël to Stendhal.

The city of the many souls is a place of lively contrast, in its caruggi (narrow streets) are hidden lavished mansions, beyond heavy main doors you could find stairs adorned with refined azulejos.

Genoa is a Risorgimento’s city, it is the hometown of Mazzini and Mameli, the trails of its heroes are still impressed in its ancients streets.

Genoa climbs up to the hills with the vast routes of the Circonvallazione and its majestic nineteen-century streets, it can give to you out of nowhere an extraordinary Belvedere that face the treasures of the town.

Genoa is poetry and music, you can find it in the verses of Montale and Sbarbaro, in the lyrics of De André and in the Paganini’s funambulism, its children took their genius around the world.   

In Genoa you will find masterpieces of famous sculptors, the rich bourgeoisie of the end of the nineteen century wished to be remembered with precious funeral monuments and if you will visit the Staglieno’s Monumental Cemetery you will walk in a proper open air museum: carved in the marble there are rich merchants, matrons with rich laces who are the leading figures and the main protagonist of the town life of the past.

The Superb has a never ending beachside, if you decide to discover the east of the city you will go along Corso Italia and you will reach Boccadasse that once was a fishermen village and still possess the same vibe that you can find in the Riviera.

Genoa is all its perfumes from its historical boutiques: sugared almonds and chocolate, spices and syrups prepared with ancient recipes, following a tradition that remains stubbornly alive.

The Genoese people itself are the ones that keep rediscover every day the touristic calling of their own city: in the Old Port, in front of the Superb’s sea, you will not only meet tourist but also the everyday people that live and work on the rhythm of the town.

It is a place in which you can breathe a wind that smell like salt, among boats and sails, while the sun sets in red at the horizon and bright the many souls of Genoa.





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