Today we would like to take you with us to visit a unique corner of Liguria, charming and unexpected.
A gorgeous, characteristic and peaceful oasis, far from the more known pathways. We are talking about Porto Pidocchio, a jewel set directly on Paradiso Gulf, very close to Camogli!
Porto Pidocchio is a small harbour built at the feet of Portofino’s Promontory, on the west coast. It is mainly a dock for the boat and a tiny one (is one of the smallest in the world!). On its catwalks the fishermen use to leave their fishing net to dry. This give to the harbour an ancient vibe that contributes to make it even more unique. Not far from there, you will find a complex of small houses surrounded by greenery.
Above Porto Pidocchio stands out Portofino’s Promontory, with its luxuriant and green surroundings.


Porto Pidocchio, Camogli


Right in front of it, there is the crystalline blue-green sea and the amazing landscape of the Gulf.
It is particularly charming the view that you have of the elegant profile of Camogli. You can clearly see the beach and its colourful houses. If you look a bit on the left you can glance at the church of Santa Maria Assunta. Very far back, at the end of the coast line, you can also see Genova.
If you reach Porto Pidocchio by boat, you can afterwards decide to go on your left over the catwalk and reach some houses and restaurants.
Otherwise you can take the staircase on the right that will lead you to Punta Chiappa. If you have time explore around so that you can enjoy everything that this beautiful place can offer you.

Let’s choose the left side first.
You will walk on the catwalk situated right on the seaside, on which normally the fishermen leave the fishing nets to dry. After some meters you will encounter some houses, while on the left side a lowering for the boats. Often this is used as access to the sea by the people who come for a swim: so, it is not strange to find people sunbathing and maybe kids happily swimming.

If you keep going, on the catwalk the path alternates parts completely exposed to the sun and parts in which you can enjoy some fresh shade among houses and trees. Closer to the houses you will be surprise of the great variety of plants and flowers that decorate the road and the walls. The scent of these flowers is so nice and persistent that you will think to be travelling in time: in a more tranquil and elegant era.
In case you are hungry or thirsty, do not worry as here you can also find bars, romantic restaurants and closer to Punta Chiappa you can also enjoy the catch of the day served by “Castel Dragone” a cooperative that dedicates to fishing. Here you can a have a small break and enjoying without any rush the amazing view that Porto Pidocchio has to offer.


Porto Pidocchio panorama


It is now time to reach the other side of Porto Pidocchio, to uncover a true, pure and magic place: Punta Chiappa!
From the harbour you will need to take the staircase on the right and afterwards it is possible to continue on a path among the trees. You will then reach Punta Chiappa, a spur that rises right up from the sea. Here the waters are incredibly clear, unpolluted and so crystalline that you will be able to see clearly the fishes swimming around.
An enchanted spot that obviously invites you for a swim.


Punta Chiappa


There is an easy access to the water. A short staircase built in the rocks leads to a flat cliff from where you can also plunge. To get out of the water, you can easily climb up thanks to a rope that has been tight up there in order to facilitate it.
Do not lose the occasion to visit the Altar of Stella Maris. It is a votive altar built on the edge of the cliff of Punta Chiappa. Once here you could see a statue of Virgin Marie, protector of the sailors. Today the statue has been replaced with this altar, on which it was realized a magnificent mosaic with the same subject, by the artist Francesco dal Pozzo.

From Camogli to Porto Pidocchio: how to reach it

As well as the closer Abbey of San Fruttuoso, you can reach Porto Pidocchio on foot or by boat. The closer embarkation point is in any case Camogli.


By Ferry

To reach Porto Pidocchio from Camogli by ferry you will need to go to Camogli’ s harbour and get on one of the ferries direct to San Fruttuoso. They always stop also in Porto Pidocchio, before continuing for the Abbey. The crossing is of just 10 minutes and the price of the ticket is of € 11,00 (going and coming back).



To reach Porto Pidocchio walking from Camogli, you will need to take the path that leads to San Rocco. From there you will have to take direction Mortola and reach a steep staircase that descend on the right. This staircase will take you to the Church of San Nicolò di Capodimonte, that face a charming landscape. If you keep going downwards you will reach the first of the houses of Porto Pidocchio and then the old port. The walk is easy and it takes just 30 minutes.

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