The Portofino Coast watched from the sea

The Portofino Coast watched from the sea

There are two things never missing in Liguria and these are the sea and the wind.

In one gorgeous day of March we were invited from the “Portofino Coast Group” to live a new and  wonderful  adventure, the discovery of our own territory travelling by sailboat.

The sun and the sea were in our favor, the wind a little less, but still…

We start with a brief training on how to lead the sailboat and then facing the wind we departure from the port of Santa Margherita Ligure directing the bow towards Portofino.  We are immediately surprised by gusts of wind that challenge us in the sailing.

Nestled in a marvelous bay, between gorgeous villas, beautiful hotels and the famous Brown Castle, rises up Portofino, which is worldwide known as part of the jet set panorama. From the sea we can admire the beauty of our coast, the mountain of Portofino in the background and the green hills that are reflected by the Ligurian Sea  painting them of a deep green. Once passed the lighthouse, we see the San Giorgio’s church that raise like a small temple built right on the cliff of the promontory.

We continue towards Camogli, passing in front of the famous “Mayor House” (visible just by the sea), Punta Vessinaro, Cala degli Inglesi, a beautiful bay characterized of majestic rocks and a crystalline sea.  

We smoothly sail until we come across San Fruttuoso Bay and it seems to us that we are contemplating a painting with the Abbey as protagonist. The Abbey of San Fruttuoso was built between the X and  the XI century and it is a small jewel with a very ancient history; in 1983 it was kindly donated to FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environment Foundation) from Franck and Orietta Pogson Doria Pamphilj. On the inside, the building guests a museum that collects documents on the History around the Abbey itself, the tombs of Doria’s family and the small Cloister that has become a place for cultural gathering, for expositions and classical music concerts.

We leave the bay and we sail towards Cala dell’Oro up to Punta Chiappa, a majestic land made of rocks that jump into the sea like an arm of Mountain of Portofino, touristic destination for those who love free beachside.

Passed the “Punta” we can see in front of us Camogli, a row of colorful houses that almost seem to be embracing the sea.

We keep sailing in complete tranquility, enjoying the sun, the sea and the wonderful view, we are enchanted by it.

We arrive in the gorgeous harbour of Camogli, another crown jewel of our Liguria, always crowded of sailor’s boats and not only, where you can breathe the typical atmosphere of a rural fishing village, the nets are still hand weave and every day fresh fish is caught.

The boat tour gave us unique sensations and emotions, only from the sea you can really taste our territory, our landscape, our history , our Liguria.

In the next episode we will tell you about the coast from Sestri Levante To Rapallo.


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