On 14th April 2016 we have the pleasure to present a wonderful book dedicated to the Ligurian Cuisine called “LIGURIA SALUTE In CUCINA _- Cinquemila metri di bellezza gusto tradizione”

It is more than a culinary travel through Liguria, imagined from the most deep abyss (over 2850m the maximum depth that Ligurian sea can reach) to the most high of the Ligurian Alpes ( Saccarello Mountain 2.200m ) for a total of 5000m of beauty.

The book was commissioned by Casa di Cura Villa Montallegro of Genoa for the project #piugustoperlavita


The most beautiful way to “taste” Liguria it is through a journey. From the sea to the mountain, from east to west, this strip of land lying on the Mediterranean sea offers thousands of different sceneries in a very narrow space. In every itinerary the food will always escort the traveler, who will read in the territory and will find in the local food clear reference on what he sees around him. Sergio Rossi and Daniela Vettori travel through the region following the link between food and territory, building a vision and an interpretation simple and unexpected. The charm of the places influenced the traditional recipes: from the ingredients that make the dish it is possible to understand the historical reasons of their development and celebrity. All the recipes are followed by the nutritional values written by Luca Spigno. This is what makes the traditional Ligurian food a modern cuisine but also something to rediscover every time.


_ Sergio Rossi the “Cucinosofo” , culinary scholar, his field of interest is history and food culture and gastronomy, studying the gastronomical tradition of different communities. It works with newspapers, magazines, locals and national televisions.

_Luca Spigno doctor, specialized in Science of Nutrition, he is the Clinical Coordinator of the scientific project #piùgustoperlavita of Villa Montallegro, which was create to study the habits of ligurian and contribute to spread a correct nutritional culture.

_ Daniela Vettori  food blogger, she is the Chief Editor of the blog “Le Cinque Erbe – Liguria in cucina” , photographer and lover of Culinary History of Liguria and Lunigiana. She works with several magazines and she took part in different tv programs. She is responsible of the communication for Slow Food La Spezia.

At the dinner will be present for the debate Sergio Rossi, Daniela Vettori, Bruno Guzzo (Sagep Editori).

Welcome Cocktail

Focaccia al Formaggio (Focaccia with cheese)

(prosecco offered by Villa Montallegro)


Dinner served as food-tasting at the table

Anchovies marinate with Lemon and Oregano
Whole wheat Trenette pasta with Pesto sauce and potatoes and green beans and Pansotti in nuts sauce
Warm “Cima” (meat filled with peas, carrots, eggs) with Mustard and green artichoke
Three pieces desserts: Camogliesi, Gobelletti e Castagnaccio

The Wines are offered by La Pietra del Focolare

Aperitif and Tasting-Dinner with Book Presentation. For this event there will be present Francesco Berti Riboli CEO of the Clinic Villa Montallegro and Doc. Luca Spigno nutritionist and co-author of the book that cured the nutritional aspect of the recipes and both involved in the #piùgustoperlavita project.





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