Saint Valentine…be in love in Camogli

Saint Valentine…be in love in Camogli

Him and her, sitting down at a table, having a wonderful dinner at the light of a candle. Outside the restaurant, the sound of the waves of the sea. It is the perfect program for February 14th, Saint Valentine’s day, the feast for everyone in love. A moment of intimacy to spend with the person you love and enjoy a lovely day together. It becomes special if you pass it in a gorgeous hamlet by the sea like Camogli, which has become famous in the last 30 years as a city for sweethearts, similar to Verona _ hometown of Romeo and Juliet_ but by the sea. From many years in fact it is celebrated the event San Valentino … innamorati a Camogli (Saint Valentine…be in love in Camogli): one day that recall the theme of Love in every way, the feeling is warm and you will find it all around town. Artists, poets, writers, photographers, painters: every form of art will be invited to pay tribute to love. The sweethearts’ feast engages the whole town for many days, from the beginning of February, so you cannot miss this occasion to visit Camogli in winter and be part of a different atmosphere. This year the main theme is Love at “oversight”.


San valentine in Camogli


First of all, why not enter in the spirit of the feast by dedicating a poetry to your beloved? Every year for this particular event a lot of love letters are delivered in Camogli. The mails come also from abroad, this time the came from Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia, everyone wants to win the fair Poesie d’Amore, that became very influent in the poetry field. The mails this year are 7 hundred. A designated jury will select 20 of them and they will be exhibit along the harbour of Camogli and in the panoramic squares of Ruta and San Rocco di Camogli up till February 19th; two of the most suggestive places in the area. You are out of time for sending your mail for the contest, but this does not mean that you have to renounce to write one down for your beloved.
You can always apply yourself for next year. It is worth it as you could win the Special Critics Prize (Premio Speciale della Critica): the author will receive a week end in Camogli with dinner in one of the restaurant associate with the event, and also a personal guided visit with the director of the charming San Fruttuoso Abbey.
It is possible to vote your favorite love mail at the Ascot’s House on the seaside promenade on February 11th and 12th. The first three most voted letters will receive a nice prize: a San Valentine theme decorated dish, a unique piece made from Gualtiero Schiaffino, symbol of this event, who every year realizes a new piece for the occasion.


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There is another way to express you feeling and involve everyone with it: withdraw from Ascot House on the seaside promenade the heart on which you can write your names and tight it up to the net on the pier at the harbour.
The paper hearts will be available from Saturday 11th to Tuesday 14th. This symbol of your bond will help the town to enrich this loving atmosphere, and if you would like to come back you will be able to find it again and remember all those precious moments together. If you manage to take one of these hearts there is a surprise waiting for you: if you show that to the ferries’ embarkation point you will receive a discount for San Valentine’s cruises for Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso. If you decide to go to San Fruttuoso do not miss the occasion to visit the Abbey: the couple that will visit it on February 14th would be able to enter by paying just one ticket.

For hiking lovers, they will be able to enjoy a long walk along the path that from San Rocco di Camogli arrives at Passo del Bacio (Kiss Path). On Sunday February 12th the guides of Portofino’s Park will be available to escort you along this path. The main event will take place on the evening of February 14th, when the sweethearts will have a romantic dinner together. Don’t you worry if you cannot participate on San Valentine’s day, the theme dinner will be proposed from Saturday 11th. In Camogli there are many restaurants involved in the initiative, so that you will find dedicated menus realized by the chefs for this occasion. The delicious and raffinate meals will satisfy everyone. At the end of the evening the couples will received the special dish as souvenir, which became a collectible, some of them have became quite precious as they are some rare version of the same plate.


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