Santo Stefano d’Aveto: a trip in the mountain

Santo Stefano d’Aveto: a trip in the mountain

Today we would like to move from the beauty of the coast to show you a small and picturesque mountain area town, Santo Stefano d’Aveto.
Situated in the outback of Liguria, this town amazes with its natural landscapes and entertains with the many physical activities it offers.

We suggest you to take up a trip from Camogli: in summertime you can have a break from the heat of the sun, while in winter you may enjoy some skiing.


Santo Stefano d’Aveto

Surrounded by chestnut forests, Santo Stefano d’Aveto is situated in a wonderful Natural Regional Park in Aveto.

Despite the small distance from the coast you can still feel the real air of the mountains, thanks to the high untained peaks of the Appennino mountains that surround the valley. This valley has been defined by the writer Ernest Hemingway as “the most beautiful valley in the world”.

In the middle of the valley rises the village of Santo Stefano d’Aveto.
Not far away, well visible from the town, rises the Maggiorasca: the highest peak in Liguria.
Next to it stands out the mount Bue (mount Ox), reachable via the chair lift.


Seggiovia di Prato della Cipolla a Santo Stefano d'Aveto


While strolling around in S.Stefano you can admire the typical houses made of stone, the amazing views, other than the relaxed atmosphere of a characteristic hill town.
You must not miss:

  • The Malaspina Castle: dating back to the XII century AD, it is located close to the city centre.
  • • N.S. di Guadalupe Santuary: an impressive structure in Gothic-tuscan style.

Castello di Malaspina, Santo Stefano d'Aveto


After visiting the town do not forget to taste Sarasso: a fresh cheese matured with salt, of cylindric shape, characteristic of this town.

Santo Stefano d’Aveto has been rewarded with the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club.


Santo Stefano d’Aveto: what to do

In Winter

When it snows, the skiing time starts in Santo Stefano d’Aveto, both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing.

The Ski area in Santo Stefano d’Aveto is composed by 7 slopes suitable even for beginners, and 4 ski lifts, including the treadmill in Prato Cipolla located at the snow park for kids. The slopes are only open when they are entirely covered by snow. It is important to consult this website before you leave.

As for the cross-country skiing, there is a 2.5 km slope, homologated for local competitions. You will also find many itineraries on mount Penna, also fit for those who want to walk with snowshoes.

In Summer

In summertime Santo Stefano d’Aveto becomes the best place for day trips and trekking.
The trails allow to reach the peaks of the mountains and enjoy stunning views. There are also easy panoramic trails suitable for families.

In alternative, you can have fun at the Bike park with 5 trails of different difficulty.

In other words, if you would like to spend a day in the nature, practicing some sport, Santo Stefano d’Aveto will definitely offer you the emotions you were looking for!

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