Shopping in Portofino

Shopping in Portofino

Portofino is a precious gem of the Tigullio Gulf, famous all around the world for its crystal clear waters, its breathtaking views and the surrounding landscape. But not only.

Portofino is also known as a private destination for luxury and an exclusive tourism. Those who visit this charming little town, find themselves in a sophisticated location, where, other than the views and the sea, you can plunge into another fun activity, ideal for the trendiest individuals: shopping!

From haute couture shops to local small artisan boutiques, from clothing to shoes, from the most expensive jewels to sophisticated fragrances: the narrow Portofino streets are a real mecca for shopping, luxury and high fashion lovers.



Not surprisingly Portofino shops draw international celebrities’ and VIP’s attention. The most notorious example is represented by Paris Hilton, who some years ago visited the Gucci shop in Portofino and asked to let everyone else out, so that she could do some relaxing (and pricey!) shopping.

Maybe you can not “confiscate” a shop (and buy everything is inside), but surely you can have fun and relax wandering around amongst the “carruggi” and admiring the windows of the shops in Portofino.
You can plunge into its glam atmosphere, walking in and poking around in its shops and boutiques and, maybe, scratching the itch of getting yourself a small present!

Boutiques and shops in Portofino: a shopping itinerary

Shopping a Portofino in Piazza Martiri dell'Olivetta


Starting from the Umberto pier and going towards Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta, you can find some of the leading designer shops both italian and foreign: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Ferragamo, Missoni, Harmont & Blaine, Loro Piana.

Continue on via Roma, where you will find one of the most famous boutiques in Portofino: Calzoleria Mingo. Opened in 1936, this artisan family run activity became renowned thanks to its summer shoes made of rope and cork. Its male footwear became popular, too: Giovanni Agnelli, for example, came here to buy his loafers.


Calzoleria Mingo a Portofino


You will find various clothing stores in via Roma, however, there are also some emporiums selling local products and small souvenirs. A golden opportunity for those who do not want to spend to much and for the gourmands!

After visiting the carruggi you can get back to Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta and reach Calata Marconi. In addition to some other shops and boutiques you will also find plenty of restaurants and bars with sea view where you can unwind and enjoy an aperitif.

Before you sit, though, we would like to advise you one more boutique, where Christmas is 100% Ligurian: Spinnaker. The first boutique was set up in Alassio in 1976. Spinnaker (which name comes from sailing jargon) it worked its way into the luxury market. Today in Liguria you can find three its boutiques: in Alassio, in Sanremo and, obviously, in Portofino.

After shopping, packed with bags, you can treat yourself with some earned rest, sitting at the bar and enjoying the spectacular sunset on the gulf.

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