Trekking in Portofino’s park: paths and other curiosity

Trekking in Portofino’s park: paths and other curiosity

Spring is here and it is the ideal period for outdoor sports in Liguria.
In particular, this is the ideal time to discover all the beautiful paths of our territory in Liguria.
So, let’s go trekking!





Here in Camogli we are lucky, because trekking lovers have the possibility to choose among many different paths, with different level of challenge and with different characteristics.
One of the favorite places to practice this sport is for certain the Park of Portofino.





Officially Born in 1935, the Regional Natural Park of Portofino is a protected green area situated in between the municipalities of Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.
The Park area includes mainly the Promontory of Portofino, limited on three sides by the crystalline sea of the Marine Protected Area.
With its luxuriant vegetation, its scenographic landscapes and its varied fauna (mainly composed of insects and amphibians), the Park represents a true paradise for all lovers of outdoor activities. In particular for those who love trekking. On an area of about 1500 hectares of land, there are in fact around 80 km of marked trails (click here to see the free map). A network of truly charming routes, which plunge into the Mediterranean scrub, offering beautiful views of the sea and often lead to unique destinations.
An example? The Beautiful and ancient San Fruttuoso Abbey!





In Addition to this beautiful and famous religious building overlooking the sea, of high historical and cultural value, hikers can admire during their walks also other sites of interest, which the Park has recovered and restored:


  • Le Batterie: anti-aerial and anti-naval stations built during the Second World War. Today a Visitor Centre has been set up to safeguard the memory of this chapter of history. After the visit, you can get off at the nearby Punta Chiappa (the tip of the Promontory), along a path that corresponds to the one traced by the soldiers during the war.

  • Il Mulino del Gassetta, a restored mill, now home to a museum and a restaurant. From the Mill depart also the excursions to the Valley of the Acqua Viva (known as Valle dei Mulini, Mills’ Valley): 9 illustrative panels explain, along the way, the reasons of interest of this area.
  • L’eremo di Niasca, a place of peace and spirituality, where you can also consult a small thematic library on the medieval history of the monks of Mountain.





These are just a few examples of what you can reach and visit along the paths of the Park of Portofino. Paths that allow hikers to dive in the uncontaminated nature, to breathe the scents of the territory and discover small pieces of history and magnificent views of the landscape.


For lovers of trekking, the park of Portofino is therefore an ideal destination, in which the paths to discover are not lacking. A perfect starting point to trek near Camogli.





Would you like to know more about this topic? Are you curious to know which are the best trails in the area? For now, we won’t disclose anything, but know that new surprises await you!


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