Nearby Camogli there is a piece of paradise, a timeless place only inhabited by the fishermen.

We are talking about San Fruttuoso bay, a pearl nestled amongst the cliffs of Portofino Park, between Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure, a small cove where you can find peace thanks to the deep green of the nature and the blue of the crystal-clear waters.

Together with the sea and the nature Capodimonte Abbey (or San Fruttuoso Abbey) is the main attraction: a Benedictine monastery that dates back to the year 1000 AD, rich of history and traditions.

How to reach this pristine land?
As all of the hidden gems, it has to be discovered! But tin the end, as you get there the views and the emotions you will feel will confirm that it was all worth it.

So, hurry up!



Starting from Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi you will have to take a path along the little stream, called Rio Gentile, and passing through olive tree groves it will lead you right to the San Rocco Church.

At this point there are two paths that connect Camogli with San Fruttuoso: the first passes through Batterie – it is the nicest and most panoramic; the other is less spectacular but is easier and also suitable for children.

  1. Batterie and Passo del Bacio trail

This is one of the most beautiful hikes in Portofino Park.

Once you reach the square in front of the church in San Rocco you can rest a little bit and enjoy the extraordinary panoramic view on the Golfo Paradiso.
On the side of the square, you will find a map with all the trails in case you need to consult it. Duration and difficulty are all well pointed out.


Photo by: Greta Ferrari


From here the walk gets a bit more intense, but also more fascinating, as it goes along the sea.
After you have passed the stairs that lead to Punta Chiappa you will cross a small populated area, called La Mortola.
You will then enter path in the woods that will take you to Batterie, where you can admire some remains of the bunker dating back to World War II.

You will then reach Passo del Bacio, where the path gets more difficult: it is a trail for experts, as there are many fascinating cliffs overlooking the sea and you have to be very careful and prepared.

The path is really evocative: on the right you will see the sea and on the left the coarse and hard rocks.
The panoramic points are breathtaking.


Photo by: Greta Ferrari


Walking past Passo del Bacio the path goes up and down until Termine passage, nearby Punta Torretta.

At this point, after a steep rise you will descend gradually and will be able to admire the extraordinary beauty of San Fruttuoso Bay: you will be overwhelmed by the peace and can finally rest.


Photo by: “I sentieri del mondo”


Recap for the hiker:

– Length of the itinerary: 19 km

– Duration of the route: at least  4h30 walk (no pauses)

– Elevation from the sea level: 780 mt

– Exposed areas to be crossed using chains

– Few water supply points along the itinerary  (no water supply at all on Sentiero delle Batterie)


  1. Pietre Strette trail

Pietre Strette trail is not as spectacular compared to the one that goes through Batterie, but is certainly less challenging, so it is also suitable for kids.

Once you have reached San Rocco (taking the path that goes along the Rio Gentile and up the stairs) you have to take the turn on the right of the church towards “Gaixella”.

The path overlooks Punta Chiappa and goes through a small village Galletti. It is surrounded by olive and fig trees and enters the woods.

Walking on this plain trail, shaded by the trees, in about 35 mins you will reach a group of big rocks: Pietre Strette (464 mt above sea level), crossroads of many paths that has a picnic area with benches, tables and a faucet.

If you turn right, in between the rocks, you will follow the trail that goes to San Fruttuouso.

It will take you about one hour to reach your destination.

The path unwinds into hairpin turns and crosses a shaded valley with a small stream of water that will end by the Torre Doria (that dates back to year 1500).

From here you have to go down the steep stairs on the right and shortly you will reach San Fruttuoso Abbey.



To go back to the hotel, if you are not interested in taking a ferry, Pietre Strette is the best route.

So if you passed through Batterie to reach San Fruttuoso you will make a sort of a loop (Camogli – San Fruttuoso).

If, instead, you chose the easiest path you will have to go walk back on the same trail.

Once you reach San Rocco’s Church you will have to follow the same path going downwards, that will lead you straight to the Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi, where you will spend a wonderful and relaxing evening admiring an incredibly beautiful sunset.


Photo by: Greta Ferrari


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