Maybe you do not know but however small and unique, even Camogli has its share of secrets.

Everyone knows its seaside, its church that face the waves, its small and evocative harbour… very few know for example that Camogli was originally an island!

So, we thought to allow you to travel with your mind, among its carrugi, its history and its legends… to find out about its secrets and curiosities that only few people know!


  1. Camogli Island

You read correctly: Camogli was in fact an island! We have proofs: in the square of the church of Santa Maria Assunta, you can see a blue maiolica that represents “Camogli Island in 1518”.

We will uncover the mystery: the palace that divided the harbour, walking along the sea promenade, creates an optical illusion of continuity, while in reality this does not occur. The palace is actually right above the water! Thanks to this building that reminds a little the houses in Venice, the land is connected to the small island on which it raises the Castle, the church and the houses all around.

  1. The “coconut” net of the Tonnara of Camogli

It is now well known that in Camogli it survives one of the last 5 Tonnare (nets for fishing tuna) still existing in Italy. What you probably may not know is that the net is used from fishermen and lowered from April to October and made in coconut fibre!

Every year, once the fishing season is over, the net is cut and left sink in to the depths. This becomes a natural feed for the fishes.

If you would like to know more about Camogli’s Tonnarella, check out the page dedicate to it on our website


  1. The Hamlet of the wives

As the glottologist and linguistic experts are uncertain on the etymology of the name Camogli, the inhabitants decided to propose their own explanation: giving the hamlet’s name a folkloristic origin.

According to the legend, Camogli means “House of the wives”: as the men where almost all sailors and fishermen, always sailing around the world, the village was mainly inhabited by women. It is said that when the men came back home, the wives left at the window hanging, towels and colourful blankets in order to remind the men their own house and do not mistake it for the house of somebody else…


4. The colours of the house

Camogli, as many other Ligurian hamlets, is very famous for the beautiful colour that paint the external facades of its houses. Every house in Camogli is of a wonderful bright and vivid colour, which creates a spectacular optic effect.

This is not mainly and aesthetic purpose as many may think.

This is due to a practical reason: it helps the navigation and the docking process for the sailors.


  1. Camogli and Jet Set

Even if Camogli is not as famous and glamourous as Portofino, it has known its days of fame and glory thanks to the movie cameras.

In this sense also our hotel had its role to play in order to make Camogli famous worldwide.

Not only we had the pleasure to guest stars and movie troupes of famous tv series and movies (an example? The actors of Beautiful and the troupe of the movie Genova, with Colin Firth), but our panoramic terrace was also chosen as location for some scenes of the comedy movie The trip to Italy.

Some of our guests recognize even today, our terrace from these movies…of course they recognize as well our amazing view on Camogli that our terrace offers!

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